So, you’re having a baby?

I can help with that.

Your baby’s birth will be a day that you remember for the rest of your life. The details may be fuzzy, but you will always remember how you felt. I can help make sure you feel supported during your birth. Of all days, this should be a day you remember fondly.

An initial interview (or consultation) is always free. Call or email me to see if a birth doula could be right for you.

I am a labor and birth doula in Portland, Oregon.

I act as a guide, helping you navigate the birth process.

This includes:

Physical Support

Emotional Support


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Scarlett Lynsky, CD(DONA), ICCE

Certified Birth Doula

Certified Childbirth Educator

My Philosophy

While I enjoy supporting unmedicated births, my passion really lies in supporting the pregnant person and partner or other support person in discovering what is important to them and helping them through whatever challenges they face. There is no one way to give birth. A successful, joyful birth is in the eye of the beholder. Whatever a good birth means to you, I will work to help you achieve that. If “plans” need to change, I will help you navigate and process the change in “plan”.

My Style & Ideal Client

My style in prenatal meetings is to be frank, informative and slightly irreverent. I can laugh about the more uncomfortable aspects of giving birth and I really seem to connect with families that use humor to cope with difficult situations. My favorite clients are the ones who ask a LOT of questions because it helps me understand what they know, what they do not know, what their worries are and what they feel confident about. I really get to know clients this way and can tailor my services to their specific personality.

Having been a gestational surrogate, I also really enjoy supporting surrogates and Intended Parents (IPs).

Special Training

In my doula work, I frequently use a piece of fabric called a Rebozo for comfort in labor. I’ve also received training in Spinning Babies ( techniques for optimal positioning and Acupressure points for pregnancy and labor.

My Background

I am a native Portlander, who was born at home in the late 70s. I’ve been fascinated with birth since I was a teenager. When I had my first child–a daughter–in 2002, my fascination only intensified. Between my first and second child, I decided to become a childbirth educator. That second child, a son, was born in late 2006 and by 2008 I was certified to teach childbirth classes. Not much later I began attending births for friends and it was clear that this was something I had to keep doing. So I did! I have been certified through DONA since early 2011 and have attended over 100 births to date. Our family is now complete, but in 2013/2014 I was pregnant and gave birth as a surrogate gestational carrier for a same-sex couple. Then in 2017 I carried another surrogate baby for my friend and her husband.

Who I serve

I am comfortable supporting VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), same sex couples, trans clients, single mothers, mothers planning to place child for adoption, parents that have experienced infertility, miscarriage or infant loss, and I support all birth plans including planned cesarean, planned induction and planned use of epidural and/or analgesics. If you have a special situation, please ask me about it. Nothing is taboo.

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Justin Fahey - 08/2016

Scarlett was an integral part of our birth. As first-time parents and having a pregnancy and delivery complicated by several factors, we wanted a doula who would both teach/coach us as well as provide another point of view from what we were hearing from the doctors and specialists. Scarlett took the time to explore with us what we really wanted and were feeling, and always supported our decisions, giving us the confidence to move through the process with peace of mind.

During our labor (and ultimately a C-Section) Scarlett provided emotional and physical support without us feeling like there were “too many people in the room.” She is very easy and natural to be around and fit in to every situation we encountered in the hospital. Simply put, we don’t know what we would have done without Scarlett!

Kathryn Francis - 08/2016

When I met Scarlett I was instantly struck by her easy-going nature and how it made me feel calm just to be around her. What more would you want during childbirth? Additionally, upon our first meeting Scarlett demonstrated her depth of knowledge and her ability to communicate with different personalities. My husband and I have very different approaches to stressful situations, and Scarlett was able to relate to and help us both process and prepare for the events ahead. My labor was fast and furious. Scarlett had prepared my husband and he was able to help me get through the initial stages. When she arrived, Scarlett took action immediately. Alongside my husband, she coached me through one of the most difficult processes I’d ever been through. After my little girl came into the world, Scarlett stood by us and helped us with our very first feeding. Later, her postpartum visits were always positive, reassuring and supportive times. I would recommend Scarlett to any future mom planning any type of birth experience.  I’m so grateful I had her there during mine.

Kat Miller - 08/2016

Scarlett was a guiding light for us during our pregnancy, birth and directly afterwards. Before our birth, Scarlett met with us a few times discussing our feelings on what we wanted, the process of birth, positions and coping techniques and working within the hospital system. We were extraordinarily grateful to have her support and guidance when I had to be induced for a health concern 3 weeks before our due date. For every intervention, Scarlett was there to talk us through what was happening and gave us comfort when things didn’t go as expected. She was a wonderful support for my husband who found that Scarlett was there for him just as much as she was there for me. We couldn’t imagine our birth without her and highly recommend Scarlett as a doula, confidant and teacher.

Jamie Michaud - 07/2016

When my husband and I decided to get a doula for birth support of our daughter, we really didn’t know what to look for nor what to expect. I lean towards crunchy but am married to a scientist, so we needed someone who we both felt we could relate to. I asked for recommendations from several forums and connections and her name came up more than once. But it was when we had our first meeting that we knew she was the right fit. Our first meetings, we didnt quite know how to direct our attention toward the birth. Scarlett was a gentle guide during these meetings. After 2 weeks past my due date I finally went into labor, coincidentally it was at the same time as another of Scarlett’s clients. Scarlett knew she would be able to attend both, which she did like a rock star. My favorite part of my birth story was in the 12 hours I did at home before going to the hospital, laughing and singing along to Joni in between contractions. She was able to help my labor along her knowledge of positioning. She was an amazing support to my husband as well making sure everyone stay fed and sane during the whole process. We could not have done it without her. <3

Huglyn Balase - 06/2016

About halfway through my pregnancy, my husband was diagnosed with a medical condition which had a possibility of rendering him unable to care for my needs during birth.  We decided it would be prudent of us to have a doula present during the birth process.  Early on our doula search, we started attending Head Over Heels birthing classes of which Scarlett is one of the instructors.  Based on her personality and knowledge set during class,  I knew that Scarlett would be a great addition to my birthing team.

Scarlett was a joy to work with and was able to adapt to my quirkly personality- trust me, this is very important for someone who will be with you during birth.  Our baby decided she wanted out of my belly a little early and despite not being on call yet, Scarlett was able to rush to the hospital to assist in my care.  Scarlett and my husband complemented each other in the midst my labor and she was a true advocate for my care when my husband and I were not in the position to make decisions.

Scarlett- thank you so much for helping us prepare for and follow through with our birth process.

About the Process

Step 1

Ask around for recommendations or search the web to find two or three doulas that might be a good fit for you. Give those doulas a call or an e-mail and ask for a free interview. Doulas know that having a good fit is important, so this way you can make sure you feel comfortable before you hire.

Step 2

Interview your potential doulas. This usually takes place in the comfort of your own home.

Step 3

Make a decision and sign a contract with your doula. Doulas accept payment in a variety of ways. I ask for a deposit upon hiring me, an installment at the first prenatal and and the remaining balance at your final postpartum visit.

Step 4

Schedule a prenatal visit. You will typically get 2 prenatal visits to discuss your wishes and needs.

Step 5

At 38 weeks (or before), I go on call. This means I have my phone near me at all times, including (especially?) at night while I sleep.

Step 6

Go into labor. 🙂 I ask that as soon as you think you are in labor, you to call me, even if you don’t need me yet. This way I can make arrangements on my end to be ready when you do need me. It will take me an hour to an hour and a half to get to you once you call me to come. I will be with you for your entire labor.

Step 7

Have a baby. Once you’ve had your baby it takes about 2 hours for things to settle down after delivery. Once things are all stable and calm, I will go home. Over the next few days I will be checking in by phone.

Step 8

Schedule postpartum visits. I will make an appointment to visit you at home about 3 days to a week after the baby is born. If you need any referrals I will provide you with resources. I will make another appointment, usually 1.5 to 2 weeks postpartum.

Pricing Info

The Doula Package Includes
  • Free initial interview (in your home or place of your choosing)
  • 1-3 prenatal visits (usually 2)
  • Labor support in hospitals, birth centers and homes
  • 2 postpartum visits
  • 24/7 on-call availability starting at 38 weeks
  • Back-up doula support
  • A non-judgmental listening ear
  • Knowledge of techniques to turn a posterior or breech baby
  • A sense of humor
  • The flat fee is based on a range. You will be asked to use the honor system to pay an amount that feels fair for the service that I rendered and the impact it had on your birth. For clients who need it, I can offer a scale that slides lower than $1500.


Birth doula, located in Portland, Oregon and serving the Greater Portland Metro Area.

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